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Dr. Jim Cesca’s Health Articles

Dr. Jim Cesca, owner of Cesca Family Chiropractic in Chadds Ford, PA, was a featured health columnist for the Chadds Ford Post, Kennett Paper, and Avon Grove Sun newspapers from 2003-2008. In that time, he had 64 articles published.

The purpose of this website is to digitally archive the articles.


Food Label Reading

If you happen to be a fan of Oprah, as my wife is, you probably have seen an episode or two with Dr. Oz. He is a medical doctor who regularly makes appearances on the show to discuss healthy living and disease prevention.

Recently, he covered an important topic regarding something most people tend to overlook as it pertains to daily lifestyle and health, reading food labels… Continue reading

How Much Are You Worth?

Welcome to 2007! What are you going to do now?

I have spent the last two weeks discussing New Years Resolutions with family members, friends, and my patients. The top answers have just about all been related to the person’s health. Weight loss goals, nutritional changes, smoking cessation, and increasing exercise, etc. I’m sure that most of you reading this can relate.

The question that needs to be answered is this… Continue reading

Simply Chiropractic – February 2007

The television show, America’s Funniest Home Videos, provides moments of pure comedy and moments of pure shock. The sheer amount of human follies that happen to be caught on video astounds me, and even more so when I think that the show must only represent a fraction of the slips, falls, impacts, and other injuries that occur in this world.

This show should be evidence that every person in this world should be… Continue reading

Neck Adjustments Are Safe – March 2007

Recently, a patient of mine, a medical professional, reported to me that her co-workers, at a local hospital, were extremely opposed to the idea of my patient seeking chiropractic care, explaining how “dangerous” it can be. An orthopedic doctor even told her that chiropractic adjustments cause strokes.

Sadly, this type of misleading scenario is far from uncommon.

So do chiropractic adjustments cause strokes? Continue reading

Office Ergonomics – April 2007

Sadly, in today’s work environment, it is not uncommon for people to sit at a computer desk for 8-10 hours. Prolonged slouching at a desk all day, tapping away at a computer keyboard can lead to painful strains in your wrists, shoulders, elbows, neck and back. I would like to offer some simple advice that will make your workday a lot more enjoyable and less painful.

It is not only the construction jobs, or the jobs that require a great deal of bending and lifting that cause on-the-job injuries anymore. Working at a computer can be equally… Continue reading

Time For A Little R&R – June 2007 (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

Health care professionals spend much of their patient education time discussing things like the importance of a balanced diet and exercise. These are certainly two key ingredients in developing a wellness lifestyle, but getting proper rest can be just as important in optimizing your health. Continue reading

Golf and Chiropractic (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Paper)

As a chiropractor, I often joke that it is my professional and ethical duty to play the game of golf.

Golf, to those of us who play, is definitely a passion sport. Most golfers won’t pass up an opportunity to talk about their best round, or tell the story of their “almost” hole-in-one. And I’m the first one to admit, that to non-golfers, talking about and watching the game can be quite boring.

But, if you are a golfer looking for that extra ingredient to knock one more stroke off your game, a spinal stabilization program could be your answer. Most professional and many amateur golfers have learned… Continue reading

3 Steps to Spinal Health (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Paper)

At some point in time in our lives, most of us will be afflicted with back pain. Numerous studies confirm this fact. A large portion of my patient base will begin care because of some type of spinal pain.

An important question that I receive is, “How can I prevent this from happening again?” Continue reading

Balance – September 2007 (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Paper)

Having good balance is something that most of us take for granted throughout our lives. Yet the seemingly simple task of standing or walking without falling can become an enormous concern as we grow to be “seasoned” citizens.

Falls among the elderly are… Continue reading

Bad case of Google-itis (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Paper)

Knowledge is power, this is true, but a little bit of knowledge, can be dangerous to your health.

Never before, in the history of mankind, has access to vast amounts of information been so readily available, and made available in a matter of milliseconds. The analogy of “drinking from a fire hose” comes to mind when discussing the topic of Internet-based health research.

The aforementioned danger involves… Continue reading

Diet and pain (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Paper)

Most of you will be reading this article on November 1, the day after Halloween. It might be an appropriate proposal to honor this day as National Belly-Ache Day.

Nonetheless, it is no secret that what we eat affects our… Continue reading

Winter Warmth (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Paper)

Global warming and the potential consequences thereof are predictably disastrous. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the ability to locally play golf essentially year round, but as a healthcare provider I’ve also been considering its impact on our health and healthcare…. Continue reading

Happy 2008 (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Paper)

Blink. Another year has come to a close, and the doors of a new one have opened. I hope this holiday season has been a joyous one for you and yours. For me, being able to experience this time of year alongside my wide-eyed 21-month-old daughter has been simply wonderful and I anticipate this enjoyment will continue throughout the upcoming years…. Continue reading

God, the Beach, and You (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

So what do the beach, you, and God all have in common and what are they doing in the title of this article? We’ll get to that in a moment, but first let me relay a brief encounter I recently experienced. Continue reading

What Have I Done Now? (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

In last month’s article I discussed the importance of discovering the motivating factor(s) that you need to get started or to continue improving upon your lifestyle. Individuals who lead a more healthy way of life make multiple choices and decisions every day that contribute to their overall level of health, and behind most of their decisions lies their motivating factors…. Continue reading

Lower Blood Pressure without Drugs (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

Good Morning America recently discussed the results of a 2007 double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the effects of a chiropractic upper neck adjustment and the positive benefits on early-stage high blood pressure patients. The study was led by George Bakris, MD, a professor of Internal Medicine and director of the University of Chicago hypertension center, who stated, “This procedure (adjustment) has the effect of not one, but two blood-pressure medications given in combination, and it seems to be adverse-event free. We saw no side effects and no problems.” Continue reading

How to remove darkness from a room (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

How you view life and health can greatly influence how you live your life and experience health. Many people spend their life taking actions in order to avoid something from happening. They take actions based on fear of a negative consequence.

When it comes to our health, I think we should consider… Continue reading

“Get Real” – as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers

Is it time for you, in the words of Dr. Phil, to “get real”? Continue reading

Take a Quick Vacation (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

Growing up I was an extremely picky eater. One evening, when I was around the age of 8, my family was eating dinner at a relative’s house in Florida. I remember being upset because I just couldn’t get myself to eat the hot dog that was in front of me. It had a thick skin and was red in color and just wasn’t the name brand style of hot dog that I was used to… Continue reading

T.E.R.M. Life Assurance (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

To truly understand what health is and how to attain it, I feel scientists should continue to put more time into studying healthy individuals. In the same way that it is illogical to study light by focusing on darkness and shadows, fewer answers may be found in studying sickness and disease rather then studying what is actually present and required for an individual to be healthy.

To start, we need to… Continue reading

Axes and Fire Hoses (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

Imagine you have a house that shares the same blueprint as thousands of others beside it. If you choose to use poor quality materials in the construction of your house it will be weaker than it’s blueprinted potential. Also imagine that proper ongoing maintenance has not been done to the electrical systems. Continue reading

You Are a Wellness Provider (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

You are a Wellness Practitioner and you didn’t even know it, and I’ll prove it to you.

Imagine you have a flower that is wilting. How do you know it is wilting? You know by the signs of wilting that it’s expressing, e.g. browning leaves, dried petals, bent stalk, etc. So what is the next step you take? Continue reading

10 Fundamental Truths Regarding Health (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

Wellness providers practice with the understanding of some foundational scientific premises regarding health and sickness. These premises, although drawn from scientific research, may seem outside the traditional box that you view these concepts. Therefore, I ask you to open your mind to the following 10 premises and assess how they apply to your own model of health. Continue reading

Magic-Bullet Machine Gun of Health (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

For thousands of generations, humans have searched for the fountain of youth and to discover the magic bullet for creating health. I would like to share with you, what I feel, is the ideal way for the vast majority of humans to achieve optimal levels of health. Continue reading

Why do you take Vitamin D? (as published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Papers)

If you happen to follow health trends then you will have no doubt heard of the benefits attributed to sufficient Vitamin D levels. As with many supplements, diets, exercises, etc. so much talk has been focused on the possibilities of disease prevention and/or the use as a treatment. Continue reading